Monday, May 3, 2010

BP-Gulf of Mexico Spill or Biofuels? TBK-like technologies are like hitting a homerun for the world's problems

Incumbent oil firms make large profits at the expense of our global environment, our global economy, as the full cost of oil production and consumption is not placed squarely on the oil industry, or the consumer. The full cost of oil production and consumption is placed on the environment at the expense of tax payers.

The interconnection between the global environment and our global economy is undeniable in Louisiana, particularly now in the face of yet another major man-made environmental catastrophe affecting the area. The recent BP-Gulf of Mexico oil spill that will cost an initial $15-3 Billion (USD) to clean up, at least according to preliminary estimates, is certain to put additional economic strain on the entire region of The Gulf of Mexico. This region is vital to the global economy as a fishery, as a tourist destination, and for international trade. The total damage to the region's fishing industry and tourism industry is difficult to quantify in both the long and short term. This oil spill is more than likely to exceed the 11 million gallon Exxon-Valdez Oil Spill. It is more than likely that the total cost to clean up The Gulf will exceed the total cost of the Exxon-Valdez cleanup, if it was only monetary costs we where concerned about.

One can surmise the total cost in dollars and cents of this most recent oil catastrophe. It is a small part of a larger problem, the choice to "do business as usual" with the American petroleum industry.

Events like these demonstrate precisely why technologies, like TBK Biodiesel, are so important for people to understand, so that they can see for themselves:
1. the value that sustainable biofuel technologies can bring to the market, and
2. the boost the global economy will receive as these technologies are integrated into world economies.

So what's the problem if the technology already exists to do away with antiquated petroleum fuels, and the negative side-effects of our global addiction to oil-based economies?

In my reality the problem is the petroleum industry's unwillingness to invest sufficiently into viable sustainable biofuel technologies, like TBK Biodiesel, for which there is undeniably growing market demand. We may also consider the costs of doing business as usual, a.k.a. the "do nothing option", that would shelve these technologies despite our immediate need for new jobs.

The "do nothing option" goes something like this: Americans continuing to be addicted to foreign oil lacking viable public transit options, incumbent oil firms corrupting American politicians through their powerful Washington lobby, incumbent oil firms spending millions on public relations campaigns misinforming and deluding public opinion, American oil firms colluding through collective planned obsolescence and price fixing, American oil firms continuing suppression of our economic vitality through the destruction of our global environment, and American oil firms suppressing American innovation. This isn't a conspiracy, its just reality folks.

The "do nothing option" is not a sustainable option and there are new technologies available that would do away with these catastrophic oil spills.


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